The Hollow Church is out now!

hollowcoverThe first Abby Hart book, The Hollow Church, is out now from Amazon and Smashwords! Instead of releasing it as a serial, I’ve released the whole thing at once. The usual price will eventually be $2.99, but for the first month it’ll be just 99 cents.

Abby is the half-human, half-vampire character from the Dark Season books, and The Hollow Church is the beginning of a whole new story for her. This time around, she’s grown up and is living in New York as an adult, working as a medical examiner. Pretty soon, she becomes involved in a case that has all the hallmarks of a vampire attack. But why would anyone need thousands of pints of blood?

The next Abby Hart story, titled Vampire Asylum, is coming soon. There are at least three books planned, but hopefully more. Abby’s going to grow and change over the course of the books, and while she might seem a little caustic and difficult at first, her personality is going to develop. That’s the plan, anyway!

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