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Why aren’t all your books available at Barnes & Noble, iTunes or other retailers?
At first, my books were only available at Amazon, but now I’m pushing them out to other sites. Starting in June 2013, books like Dark Season, Asylum and American Coven have started appearing on B&N, iTunes, Kobo and others. More to follow!

Why have some of your older books disappeared from Amazon?
I had a spring clean and removed a few, to avoid confusion.


When is the next Dark Season book coming out?
All three series of Dark Season are now out, and there are no plans for more. It was always designed to be three series. When you’ve read the third series, you’ll understand why there can’t ever be a fourth.

What is the order of Dark Season books?

Series One: (1) The Last Vampire, (2) Sentinel, (3) Army of Wolves, (4) The Civil Dead, (5) The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller, (6) Gothos, (7) Testament, (8) Dead End. Then there’s 20th Century Vampire. Series Two: (1) Nimrod, (2) Shy People, (3) The Ghost of the Girl in the Well, (4) Tenderling, (5) Shelley, (6) Spider, Spider, (7) Fangs Out, (8) The Death of Sophie Hart. Series Three: (1) Abigail, (2) Quisling, (3) The Bureau of Lost Vampires, (4) Ruins part 1, (5) Ruins part 2, (6) By the River Dark, (7) A Woman Waiting, (8) The End.

Is there going to be a Dark Season movie?
I have no idea where this rumour started. I would LOVE there to be a Dark Season movie, or even better a TV series. But sadly no-one is interested, and I doubt it will ever happen.

Why do you write in series, with short books? Why don’t you write fewer, longer books?

The honest answer is that this is how my brain works. Sorry! I grew up watching TV series more than movies. My brain thinks of stories in this format. I see each book as an episode of a series. For example, you might watch Dexter series 1 on TV, or Spartacus series 1. In the same way, you might read Dark Season series 1.

Will there by any more Dark Season books?

No, but there will be more books about Abby Hart. More news soon!


When is the next Lupine Howl book coming out?
The third series of Lupine Howl  was released in July 2013. The fourth series will follow in 2014.

Is Lupine Howl a spin-off from Dark Season?
Kind of. Lupine Howl is set in the same world as Dark Season, and there are occasional reference between the two. For example, a Tenderling appears in The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) and again in Carnival of Wolves (Lupine Howl IV), and a couple of characters in Lupine Howl mention that they have heard of Patrick. But the two series are not closely connected.

How many books will there be in Lupine Howl?
Each series has 8 books.

Will Duncan from Lupine Howl ever meet Patrick from Dark Season?
Well, it’s hinted at in Lupine Howl that they have met in the past, and Duncan is mentioned (but not seen) in 20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel). It’s unlikely that they will ever actually meet in a book, but never say never. I sometimes wonder how Sophie and Jess would get on…

What is the order of Lupine Howl books?
Series One: (1) Lupine Howl, (2) The Wolf in the Pit, (3) A Spotter’s Guide to Werewolves, (4) Carnival of Wolves, (5) The Architect, (6) Underworld, (7) Ecotone, (8) Defence of the Realm. Series Two: (1) Black Annis, (2) Mariner, (3) The Children of Herne, (4) Broken Spirits, (5) Excalibur, (6) Ordinary Werewolves, (7) Lovers Beware, (8) Darkness Falls. Series Three: (1) Werewolves of India part 1, (2) Werewolves of India part 2, (3) Snowfall part 1, (4) Snowfall part 2, (5) Balance of Power part 1, (6) Balance of Power part 2, (7) Sangreth part 1, (8) Sangreth part 2.

In one of the Lupine Howl books, a character named Hamish appears. Is this the same Hamish who appears in Army of Wolves (Dark Season III)?
Yes, and Hamish isn’t the only person from Army of Wolves (Dark Season III) who appears later in Lupine Howl, although not many people seem to have noticed the others… A few characters appear in both Dark Season and Lupine Howl.


How many books are there in the Asylum series?
There are eight books.

Will there be a second series of Asylum?
No. It was always designed to be one series, and I’ve got no plans for a sequel.


Who are you?
My name is Amy Cross, I’m in my very late 20s I just turned 30! I live on the north edge of London. I have a dog.

How long have you been writing?
As long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until late 2011 that I discovered I could publish ebooks via Amazon and Smashwords.

Do you have an agent?

Have you tried to get a conventional deal with a major publisher?
A few years ago I tried to sell a thriller idea. I got close to a couple of deals, but they both fell through. I haven’t tried since. The thought of mailing out sample chapters and covering letters to agents and publishers makes me want to jump out the window, so I self-publish instead.

What do you do in your spare time?
What spare time? At the moment, when I’m not working I’m writing, taking the dog for walks, listening to music, watching films, hanging out with friends in some of the seedier pubs in north London (hello, Camden).

How can I contact you?
Here. I usually respond within 24 hours.

8 responses to “FAQ

  1. hi amy
    just finished your lupin howl 2nd series, when is the first books of season 3 coming??


  2. Great 🙂

    Cant wait


  3. I’ve read almost all if your books, Love them! Just curious when more of Grave girl will come out? I’m really liking the story and I want to.know more 😉 thanks!


  4. Just finished “Dog”
    Hardest book I ever read.
    Our dog is considered family.
    Painful book to read; but you have great great talent in story telling.
    I love you Harry !



  5. When should we expect Book 2 of The Devil, the Witch and the Whore? We have a group that has read it and anticipating the next!


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