Out now: Last Wrong Turn, a sequel to Perfect Little Monsters!

lastwrongturnLast Wrong Turn, a sequel to one of the stories from my Perfect Little Monsters collection, is out now from Amazon!

Last Wrong Turn is the story of Penny, a heavily pregnant woman who finds herself trapped in a remote Kentish farmhouse. She’s the latest prisoner of Enda, the girl from the Perfect Little Monsters title story, but Enda is now in charge of the farm, and things aren’t about to run smoothly!

And in case anyone is wondering: Yes, I do have a third story in mind for this series. I’m already working on a book in which the farmhouse receives a fresh batch of unwelcome visitors…

Out now: Perfect Little Monsters and Other Stories!

Perfect Little Monsters and Other StoriesPerfect Little Monsters and Other Stories, my first short story collection, is out now from Amazon! The book collects together five brand new stories, as well as a revised version of The Scream.

The five new stories begin with the title story, Perfect Little Monsters, in which a strange young girl finally believes she has been given a new sister. Things don’t quite work out that way, however, and soon the pigs in the yard are given a feast. This is followed by I Hate You, a story about a girl who spends her life tormenting strangers online, and who then receives a taste of her own medicine.

Next is Meat, about a woman who starts to worry that her neighbors are a little strange. Then again, people in glass houses…

Fifty Fifty is set in a prison, where the inmates are being used as part of a macabre experiment. Unfortunately for the prison’s dictatorial governor, his plans are about to be interrupted. Then there’s Stay Up Late, in which a man stays up after his wife and daughter have gone to bed. As he opens a bottle of wine, he hears a knock on the door…

I’m already planning a second book of short stories, with similar themes. I should probably mention that these stories are quite graphic and nasty, and they also feature strong language, albeit only in context. And one of them is already getting a sequel in the next collection!

The original Dead Souls parts 1 to 52 are now free on Wattpad!

The original 52 parts of Dead Souls are now available for free at Wattpad. You can find them at this link, where you’ll find a table of contents that allows you to access each of the parts. New parts will also start appearing for free at Wattpad soon, hopefully by the end of February!

When I launched Dead Souls, I wanted to write a vampire soap opera. I thought Amazon would be the best way to get the series out, but I realized after a while that the constant 99 cents price tag was quite off-putting. By that point, I’d already signed an agreement for the first 52 parts, but now I’m in total control of the series so I’m releasing it all for free.

In my head, I’ve basically ‘renewed’ Dead Souls for a second year, which means another 52 parts. I have the story mapped out, and I know the main plots points for the characters, including who lives and who dies. The series will continue to be written and released in 13-part bursts, because I find that an easier way to write them. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but there are plane crashes, family reunions and terrible downfalls ahead in the next few parts!

The Writer is now available for free at Wattpad

The Writer by Amy CrossThe Writer, a novella I originally released in 2014, is now available for free at Wattpad. It’s the story of a widow who finds herself at the mercy of her neighbor, who just happens to be a reclusive but hugely successful horror author. Soon, it becomes apparent that this particular author has a pretty dark scheme ready to put into action.

I’m planning to put some more stories on Wattpad soon, although I haven’t decided which ones yet. Probably a mix of old re-releases and new titles. I’m still learning how Wattpad works, so there might be a few hiccups along the way!

The Border: The Complete Series is now available from Amazon!

bordercomplete1Last summer, I released a serial horror-thriller series called The Border in eight parts, and now those eight parts have been pulled together into a single download. The Border: The Complete Series is available from Amazon, telling a 500+ page story about the darkness that lurks beneath a small American town.

The Border was designed as an attempt to get back to the writing style that I used for Asylum. From my POV it was a successful exercise, but it’ll be interesting to see whether anyone else thinks so! It’s the story of a guy who returns to his home-town and faces the demons from his past. In some cases, those demons come in the form of family members, while in other cases they come in the form of… well, maybe actual demons.

I started out writing serials, and I want to get back to that in 2016 with a couple of projects that I’ve been working on for a while.

Dead Souls update!

Just a quick note for anyone who’s wondering about the Dead Souls series. There will be new releases soon, I’m just waiting to sort out some issues with the original 52 books. Also, I’m changing the way they’re released, so it’ll be much cheaper to keep up with the series. I anticipate having everything fixed by the middle ofFebruary, at which point I should be able to release the further adventures of Edgar, Kate and all the other residents of Thaxos!

Demon’s Grail – The first 3 books are out now!

Ascension Demon's Grail book 1 Amy CrossThe first three books in the Demon’s Grail series are out now at Amazon! Ascension, Evolution and The 13th Demon follow the story of Abby Hart as she faces the rise of the spider empire, although she soon learns that there’s an even darker threat lurking in the shadows. Oh, and she also meets her twin brother for the first time!

Originally, Demon’s Grail was going to be one book. As I plotted out Ascension, I realized that it would work better as a trilogy. And then later, as I plotted out the second and third books, I realized that there was even more of a story to tell. So now there’ll be at least six books, although it might take even more to get to the ending that I’ve had in store for Abby for a while now.

Evolution Demon's Grail Amy CrossIt’s weird to think that Abby’s story started back in 2011, with the first Dark Season book. She didn’t really appear in that book, although she was certainly conceived during the course of the story. She showed up in the second book and then really became a main character in the third.

Then came her first two stand-alone books, The Hollow Church (2013) and Vampire Asylum (2014). I don’t think I really knew what her story would be when I wrote The Hollow Church, but Vampire Asylum definitely acts as a sort of prequel to Demon’s Grail, since it shows Abby being dragged to Tor Cliff so that a secret can be extracted from her mind.

The 13th Demon Amy CrossDemon’s Grail is her real story, however. Unlike with The Hollow Church and Vampire’s Grave, I know how the tale of Abby Hart will end, and I know the overall shape of her destiny. That might not be so clear at the end of The 13th Demon, but the next book in the series, Child of War, should make the ongoing story much clearer. I can’t really say much more than that without giving away spoilers.

Other than Demon’s Grail, the past few months have also seen the release of At the Edge of the Forest, The Devil’s Hand and a few other books that I haven’t had time to mention on this site. I’m going to try to get much better at updating the blog in 2016, starting with another new release that’s coming in the next few days. That one will be a sequel to a book that probably didn’t seem to be crying out for a sequel when it first came out.

And now I’m off to listen to some David Bowie albums!